Kaylim                       the header is dark and empty like my future 
                                                                                                                               just kidding I actaully gave up on branding *shrug* 

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Welcome to the website of Kaylim! 

Here you can find my books, art, excerpts and other random writerly things. 

I have several projects I'm working on now. "Heart of Wires", the third in a series featuring Lynne and Myrha, is still on the table (though like dinner your grandma burnt, is being worked through very slowly haha!). 

I actually won Nanowrimo in November (haha what I can still write things? crazy). The novel, called "The Necromancer's Compendium" is currently at 90,000 words now. If you wanna chat, friend me on Nano

Or you can friend me on writetrack. My username on there is Kaylim and I make laughable attempts to write consistently. 

I'm not too in to social media. I have a facebook I never update. But I just started getting into Twitter. I heard it's a terrible place to be and I'm feeling masochistic so I got on that bandwagon giddyup.