Kaylim the Writer

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Welcome to the website of Kaylim! 

Here you can find my books, art, excerpts and other random writerly things. 

I have several projects I'm working on now. "Heart of Wires", the third in a series featuring Lynne and Myrha, is still on the table (though like dinner your grandma burnt, is being worked through very slowly haha!). 

This Nano season I am writing a new book altogether. It's called "Hands of the Deep" and you can check in on my progress on the Nano site!

If you're really interested in more of my ramblings, you can follow me on facebook. 

Additional excerpts concerning Myrha and Lynne's crazy space adventures are posted under the Random Writer tab! Below is a list of recent blog updates; check up on the excerpts you might have missed.