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Meet "Hands of the Deep", newest novella

Posted by Kaylim on November 2, 2014 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Newest to my novella family is "Hands of the Deep", a mystery/thriller thing I've been trying to write for probably the past like...five years. I recently got fired up about the novella again and did some serious plotting, so I decided it's going to be my 2014 Nanowrimo novel.

The novel is pretty freaking awesome in my opinion (obviously I'm biased, but hey) because it features characters who deal with some physical, mental and emotional challenges. They've got issues to work through, both on a personal level and on a solve-the-murder-mystery level. There's also some action (like boat crashes and cliff diving), a sprinkle of romance, a seance or two, and a pretty heavy focus on history and the way it shapes a town and the people who live in it. 

Summary: Alexander, a man recovering from a vicious attack, seeks peace and relaxation in a historic resort; but when he saves the life of a fellow guest, he’s pulled into a dangerous, desperate search for a fabled treasure. As he uncovers the mysteries of murders and loot, he must be careful who he trusts, or his own dark secrets will come to light.


The night his life changes forever, he’s walking near the bay and the bright, gritty lights of street clubs blind him. He’s stumbling down the street, lost among the secondhand smoke and honk of car horns, and doesn’t even realize trouble is coming his way until a fist runs into his mouth. He can’t fight through his alcohol induced haze, and so the demons lurking on shadowy street corners easily pull him into the darkness with them.


It was supposed to be a night of celebration.


After they’re through with him, they drag him down chipped concrete sidewalks to the churning sea. He’s tossed overboard, rolling in the waves as easily as a grain of sand on the beach. The blood in his mouth doesn’t allow him to breathe and the burning in his hands doesn’t allow him to swim.


He remembers everything from that night.


He knows how much he drank and what brand; he can recall the name of the street; he can still feel ghostly sensations of boots and broken bottles; the smell of gasoline haunts his nightmares. Most of all, he remembers the sea, the sting of salt and the crushing darkness, the sound of his own heartbeat above the sound of waves, the weight and pull of the force of the tides.


There is only one thing he cannot remember from that night, something nobody has been able to tell him, something he doesn’t remember even in his most vivid of nightmares or pleasant of dreams.


Whose hands pulled him from the deep?

New 'Heart of Wires' Excerpt

Posted by Kaylim on August 3, 2014 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Because I fail at camp nano, here's a little excerpt to make up for it. Basically: Lynne may pilot the ship, but we all know who really drives it. 



They speed away from the mysterious planet and Myrha assumes they’re safe because they don’t encounter trouble for a few hours. Which is sort of disappointing, seeing as they need to find trouble.

“Okay, I got it: where is the last place a starline shuttle would want to dock?”

“There are several possibilities," Lynne answers.

“Well, pick the one that doesn’t care about docking certificates and licenses.”

“I will now take a moment to mention that a rise in crime rates is directly correlated to how unregulated a dock is.”

“Well lucky for us, we’re poor. Who’d steal from us?”

Myrha props her heels on the dashboard and points valiantly into some random space on the view screen.

“Take us forward!”

Lynne sighs, but Myrha knows she’s smiling on the inside.

Summary and Excerpt for "When Places Call"

Posted by Kaylim on May 11, 2014 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Okay, so I've done a bit of remodeling on the "Books" tab and included all the planned novellas in the "Crazy" Universe, which is what I'm officially calling "This Crazy Infection" and all of it's sequels. Here's some more information on "When Places Call", second in the Crazy Universe series. It takes places the same time "This Crazy Infection" does and helps set up "Heart of Wires". 


Iguru ran from his past to become a space pirate, thinking he had escaped Earth for good. When he steals an enigmatic government ship for a beautiful, if hermetic, employer, he finds that his past is still out to destroy him…unless he destroys it first.

There are a few big words in that summary, aren't there? I may have gotten carried away. Anyway, Iguru Halk is the main character. He's a space pirate and Kira hires him to a steal a ship. Iguru has his own ship, The Naked Rose, which he practically built himself from illegally obtained parts. 


The hangar bay doors silently slid open for him and Iguru paused on the threshold. The hangar was bathed in quiet darkness with one exception. Kira stood before The Naked Rose as a long silhouette illuminated by a single work light. He was like a black stain in a white glow.

Iguru clenched his hands and let out his breath slowly, trying to disperse his temper like he dispersed his breath. He marched towards Kira, not bothering to hide his presence, though Kira didn’t even turn to look at him; Iguru reached out, ready to demand answers—

“She really is a beautiful ship,” Kira said.

Iguru stopped so suddenly he almost tripped, but he recovered and shoved his hands into his pockets to prevent him from doing something he might regret. He stomped to Kira’s side and harrumphed.

“You called her a mutt, if I remember.”

“That doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful.”

“She gets the job done.”

“I imagine she does. I’m sure the Earth Interstellar Forces are quite upset you stole a ship to use as her base.”

Kira gently swept a hand over the ship’s hull. Iguru tried not to inspect for fingerprints.

“I imagine they are.”

Investigator Rog, in particular, had been attempting to get his hands back on this ship for quite some time.

“How does she fly?”


“No,” Kira shot him a small smile, “I mean, how does she fly?”

“I thought you were an expert on aeronautics?”

“I’m not talking about technical specs. I’m talking about flying. What’s it like?”

Iguru stared at him blankly. Kira stepped closer to The Naked Rose and Iguru jolted forward, as if to protect his ship. Kira pretended not to notice and slowly rested against the hull.

“What’s it like, to fall away from the world?”

Iguru crossed his arms and stubbornly stayed where he was. Kira closed his eye. The red one remained open, an unblinking robotic shell.

“Tell me?”

Iguru resisted the urge to just toss him in the ship and tell him to experience it for himself. He moved closer to Kira, all to protect his ship of course, and flicked off an imaginary piece of lint. Kira laughed and Iguru made the mistake of looking at him. He was pressed up against the ship, like a model posing with the newest hovercraft, hair askew and smile in place. He did a lot of smiling. No one smiled at Iguru. It was almost suspicious. Iguru harrumphed and leaned against the ship, looking up at the name he himself had inscribed in her side.

“Liftoff is like being struck with a wave.”

Kira hummed indistinctly, eye still shut, mouth open just slightly. His ear was pressed against the hull as if he was trying to hear the roar of the wave, the roar of the liftoff.

“When you leave orbit, it’s like being pulled out to sea.”

“Drifting among the stars.”

Iguru nodded and his throat felt unexpectedly tight, “Then you hit light-speed, and everything is whiteness and darkness, and you can barely see and your skin stings like you’re being pelted by a bad rainstorm. Then, suddenly, everything stops and it’s like you’ve found your very own rainbow.”

“The stars are yours.”

“They are.”


Camp Nano, Sequel, and Surprises!

Posted by Kaylim on April 25, 2014 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I have officially won Camp Nano April 2014!! 

(See this thing here? This means I'm awesome). 

"Heart of Wires" is 25,086 words strong right now, but it's still not finished. So I'll continue to post excerpts and you can click over to the Artsy Writer to see screenshots of my winner's page, certificate, and even the bar graph of my word count progress. 

And now onto bigger things - I have a surprise! In the coming months I will release not just one novella, but TWO. I know, I know, such excess! What to do with all those words?? (Read them, of course, haha). 

I will be releasing "Heart of Wires", which is the direct sequel to "This Crazy Infection", but I will also be releasing a side story. This side story takes place at around the same time as "This Crazy Infection" does and sets up "Heart of Wires". This side story was actually my novel from Nanowrimo November 2013. I started it three years ago, and finally had the impetus to finish it last year, but of course my brain decided it had to be part of the 'Crazy' universe. It's been a bit ridiculous, okay?

But I've finally finished it and will be releasing it soon...ish. Title is tentative, but will most likely be "When Places Call". Summary and exceprts will be forthcoming for both stories! 


Excerpt from This Crazy Infection sequel!

Posted by Kaylim on April 18, 2014 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Here's a silly little excerpt from the "This Crazy Infection" sequel. It's just a bit of filler and fluff with Myrha being typical Myrha, so warnings for language and talk of sex. 

Myrha lets her imagination run wild. 

It’s another one of those long boring fly-through-light-years-of-space days, with nothing to do but stare at the screen and watch Lynne do the majority of the work. Myrha can’t help but let her mind…wander. The conversation with Kira from earlier is still bothering her, and so she continues on like there was never a pause in conversation.

“Yeah, but don’t you think there could be android uprising?” Myrha asks Lynne.


“Think about it: you could so easily infiltrate our technology, you are our technology.”

“Indeed, but as we witnessed with Orion Starlines, humans are still very much in control. Regardless, I doubt many androids aspire to be—“

“You could enslave humans.”

“I have no desire to enslave anyone.”

“Well, you can keep me. I can be your sex slave.”

“Myrha that is preposterous.”

But Myrha’s already lost to the fantasy. It spills across her mind in distinctive, sensual color. She closes her eyes and her imagination helpfully provides her with settings and outfits.

“I’d be like, your pet human. You’d be an android empress, or maybe a rebel leader, and you’d keep me to satisfy your curiosity – your sexual curiosity. You’d make me wear some demeaning, skimpy outfit I’d secretly enjoy, and you’d ‘share’ me with your guests, a look but no touch policy. Your android allies would ogle the human, all fascinated and shit, and you’d be so damn smug. Then I’d speak out of turn, or smirk insolently at you, and you’d teach me a lesson in your royal quarters, or on the royal throne, or in the captain’s chair of your rebel yacht.”

They are so role-playing this shit.

She opens her eyes and flirts with Lynne using a very dirty, dirty smile.

Lynne apparently has stopped her android-uprising-is-not-going-to-happen lecture and is staring at Myrha in open awe, as if she cannot even be expected to know what to say in response.

“This could totally happen,” Myrha pauses dramatically, “tonight.”

Lynne has recovered by now and turns back to the flight console, intent on simply ignoring Myrha’s existence. Myrha kicks her chair and Lynne gives her a well-practiced sigh.

“I highly doubt an entire android uprising could happen in a single evening, resulting in me as an empress of some wholly ill-conceived notion of independence.”

Myrha wilts and decides that empress-Lynne would be a lot better at bedroom talk than this Lynne. This Lynne knows how beat a person to death with frivolous things like facts and logic (Myrha needs to figure out how to program Lynne an imagination, because really).

“However,” Lynne continues.

Myrha waits with baited breath.

“Were I an empress, I would surely tie you up.”

Myrha nods, throat dry.

“And I would gag you.”



They do role-play, far enough that Lynne ties Myrha up and gags her – and then leaves her there. Lynne’s a bitch, but a clever manipulative bitch, and Myrha is kind of masochistic in that she loves her anyway. Still, if she had wanted peace and quiet, all she had to do was say so.


"This Crazy Infection" Sequel

Posted by Kaylim on March 23, 2014 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (0)

"This Crazy Infection" is going to have a direct sequel! I'm writing it for Camp Nanowrimo 2014 :). Here's a little excerpt! More to surely be posted as I continue. Of course, all of this is first draft material and subject to change, but space shenanigans are definitely happening. 

Myrha’s message to her mother reads something like this: “Lieval was fun…if the definition of fun is ‘disastrous, life-threatening and all-around miserable’. Won’t be coming back to Earth any time soon: met a sexy lady and we’re going on space adventures. Also, we may be on the run.”

Myrha may lie, cheat and sleep with anything that has a pulse (and sometimes things that don’t, prime example being Lynne, lesser examples being aliens from the Zarses system), but she has never stolen anything in her life. Until this very moment, that is. She has just committed grand theft: she has stolen an android.

Apparently, Lynne counts as property of Orion Starlines. By absconding with her in a starshuttle Myrha has committed a felony in at least seven different court systems. Lynne, of course, has to be contrary.

“It would be far more probable that I would be the one doing the stealing.”

“What, are you saying you are technically kidnapping me right now?”

“I am the one flying the shuttle.”


Lynne apparently takes pride in the fact that she is the more likely transgressor. So it comes down to this: there is immense confusion over who is being pursued by the law for which crime. Is it Myrha for robbing a starline or Lynne for going rogue and kidnapping a human?


100+ Downloads and new excerpt!

Posted by Kaylim on August 22, 2013 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Hooray! "This Crazy Infection" has surpassed 100 downloads on smashwords! Starstuff just reached past 50 downloads. In honor of these statistics I present to you: art.

Not from my professional artist...from me. Sorry! To make up for my fledgling art skills, I also present an excerpt from "Tick. Tick. Boom!", the thing I'm working on right now. "Tick. Tick. Boom!" is a gay romance/action story, so enjoy the following car chase over a bridge in Germany, complete with smoke bombs and bullets and a bit of naughty language. 

Warning: the following excerpt contains descriptions of violence, cursing and car chases, not to mention a really awesome shot that you should not attempt unless you are in a Hollywood movie, are a character in a novel, or are on the crew for "Mythbusters". 

The car continues to follow them as Gideon merges onto a smaller road. Signs for a place called Iffezheim whip past them.

“Go right,” Miller says, hand gripping the back of Gideon’s seat.

Without hesitation Gideon twists the wheel and they’re pressed against the side of the vehicle as the tires spin; in Jason’s mirror the Aston shoots forward, and its headlights disappear behind their trunk.

“He’s going to ram us!” Jason calls, bracing himself.

“Not if I have anything to say about it,” Gideon grunts and makes another hard right.

Harsh squeals ring in his ears and the ground seems too close, sparkling asphalt flying past his window; he holds his breath, and before he can exhale, the Explorer rights itself and behind them the Aston can’t make the turn in time, and shoots past them.

Gideon’s knuckles are white against the grey leather wheel and a sign reading “Badener” flashes by. Like a black devilish machine, the Aston spins around, wheels smoking, and resumes its chase; the Explorer is shaking and Gideon must be breaking about five thousand speeding laws and they’re really lucky no one else is on the road because they’re driving down the fucking middle of it.

“It’s gaining on us,” Lisa says and Miller rolls down his window. A big gust of wind rushes into the car.

Gideon’s eyes don’t leave the road; he doesn’t waver as the wind beats against the car, a large whooshing noise that almost drowns out the noise of Miller’s gun; holy shit he’s firing and Jason forces himself to watch the fate of the Aston. Large plumes of smoke engulf his view of the mirrors; smoke bombs? Their car lurches into the air as they race over a bump: the beginning of a bridge, water clear and blue on either side of their vehicle. The wind whips the smoke away and he waits for a glimpse of the Aston.

Only it’s not there anymore.

“Where the fuck did it go?” he shouts.

“It’s coming up on your side Gideon,” Lisa says, voice without a tremble.

Jason turns his head and there it is: glinting like a razor in the sun, the Aston neck and neck with the Explorer; Lisa readies her gun and she sure as fuck has real god-damned bullets in that thing because Lisa doesn’t shoot often but when she does it’s to kill. He feels the press of his .38 Special revolver against his side where it’s hidden in his waist holster and he takes off his seat belt. He reaches for the revolver, but then there’s the sound of shattering glass and like fairy dust it explodes in front of him; the slime of blood coats it and Jason feels it warm and wet on his face and their car is lurching and the barrier looms large and gigantic in the windows but Jason doesn’t close his eyes.

Like he’s swimming through a thick current, he pushes himself off of his seat and grabs the steering wheel; blood is pouring from Gideon’s head and Jason’s grip is slippery because of it but he doesn’t let go even when the barrier crunches his door, and his window cracks, the noise high-pitched and delicate.

He swerves, and they are released from the barrier, and Jason’s door is rattling and with a sudden click it swings open and it flaps angrily, open and closed, open and closed, open and closed, but they’re slowing down so he doesn’t care.

“Someone shoot them!” he says.

He’s not sure if anyone else is alive, but he hears their bodies in the back, making dull thumping noises as the car jolts and jerks. The Aston is still in the corner of his eye, hovering on the edge of his vision like a dark thundercloud, a predator watching its prey flounder and die.

“Shoot!” he cries.

The Aston darts forward, so close that Jason thinks he can make out shapes behind the tinted windows and he can’t reach the gas pedal, just slams the gear to neutral, and can only watch as the Aston closes in on them…

…and then it rams into them.

The steering wheel is ripped from his grasp and sparks and glass and metal fly into his face and he’s probably screaming because holy shit the motherfuckers and Gideon is thrown against him and Jason’s entire jacket is soaked in blood and the smell is driving him crazy but soon it doesn’t matter because the barrier is scraping against his door and then – there’s a loud snap – and Jason’s gut drops down to hit his feet.

They’re flying.

His door swings open and he is lifted from his seat, floating, and the force of their spin is pushing him out of the car and he knows that water is going to greet him any second but his gun is in hand before he can think about it and he’s firing…the bullet zooms right past Gideon’s nose and it soars through their broken window and then with a satisfying crinkle, it breaks the glass of the Aston’s passenger window.

He didn’t get the driver, but he knows he got the shooter, and then the Aston disappears from view because the Explorer is hurtling towards the water, and he’s not sure when he got sucked out of the car, but he can see its broken frame and Gideon’s dark lump and the underside of the bridge and he tucks up his legs just as-

-his body slams into the lake.

Update because I should

Posted by Kaylim on August 4, 2013 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (1)

I'm really not good at updating as I should. Mostly because updating just sounds like I'm talking to my computer, and not other people behind their computers, hidden somewhere off in the rest of big, wide world.


So, updates: there is a book. Yes. A long one. Twice the size of anything I've written so far. It's been in the works for a year and a half, and I've drowned myself in research sorrows because the novel is not only gay, but also, historical. Sort of. It involves lots of history and...knowledge. Yes.

I did some work on it last year for one of the nanowrimo's, but I don't believe I ever posted about it on my website or facebook. So yes. Here is the summary for my in-progress novel, "Tick. Tick. Boom!"

Jason and Elmer: married. Jason and Elmer: fight a lot as the magic wears off. Elmer and Jason: lead secret lives. Elmer and Jason: have to escape the mad bomber who is intent on using their secrets against them. Can they find a way to reconcile their differences before their lives go Tick. Tick. Boom?

Ha! See what I did at the end there? *clever writer glee*

"This Crazy Infection" cover sneak-peek

Posted by Kaylim on January 7, 2013 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)

My artist gave me a little sneak-peek of what she's working on for the cover, so I decided to add some text and blood (don't forget the blood!) and show it off.

Meet Lynne, the andorid flight attendant on Orion Starlines!

"This Crazy Infection" is infecting my brain

Posted by Kaylim on January 6, 2013 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

So "This Crazy Infection" is now finished, and in my complete jubiliation I let off some crazy-excited-happy steam in the form of art.

Back off, editing...it's art time.

The one below captures the feeling of "zombies" quite nicely:

And one of my favorites: