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Camp Nano, Sequel, and Surprises!

Posted by Kaylim on April 25, 2014 at 11:35 AM

I have officially won Camp Nano April 2014!! 

(See this thing here? This means I'm awesome). 

"Heart of Wires" is 25,086 words strong right now, but it's still not finished. So I'll continue to post excerpts and you can click over to the Artsy Writer to see screenshots of my winner's page, certificate, and even the bar graph of my word count progress. 

And now onto bigger things - I have a surprise! In the coming months I will release not just one novella, but TWO. I know, I know, such excess! What to do with all those words?? (Read them, of course, haha). 

I will be releasing "Heart of Wires", which is the direct sequel to "This Crazy Infection", but I will also be releasing a side story. This side story takes place at around the same time as "This Crazy Infection" does and sets up "Heart of Wires". This side story was actually my novel from Nanowrimo November 2013. I started it three years ago, and finally had the impetus to finish it last year, but of course my brain decided it had to be part of the 'Crazy' universe. It's been a bit ridiculous, okay?

But I've finally finished it and will be releasing it soon...ish. Title is tentative, but will most likely be "When Places Call". Summary and exceprts will be forthcoming for both stories! 


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