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Summary and Excerpt for "When Places Call"

Posted by Kaylim on May 11, 2014 at 2:50 PM

Okay, so I've done a bit of remodeling on the "Books" tab and included all the planned novellas in the "Crazy" Universe, which is what I'm officially calling "This Crazy Infection" and all of it's sequels. Here's some more information on "When Places Call", second in the Crazy Universe series. It takes places the same time "This Crazy Infection" does and helps set up "Heart of Wires". 


Iguru ran from his past to become a space pirate, thinking he had escaped Earth for good. When he steals an enigmatic government ship for a beautiful, if hermetic, employer, he finds that his past is still out to destroy him…unless he destroys it first.

There are a few big words in that summary, aren't there? I may have gotten carried away. Anyway, Iguru Halk is the main character. He's a space pirate and Kira hires him to a steal a ship. Iguru has his own ship, The Naked Rose, which he practically built himself from illegally obtained parts. 


The hangar bay doors silently slid open for him and Iguru paused on the threshold. The hangar was bathed in quiet darkness with one exception. Kira stood before The Naked Rose as a long silhouette illuminated by a single work light. He was like a black stain in a white glow.

Iguru clenched his hands and let out his breath slowly, trying to disperse his temper like he dispersed his breath. He marched towards Kira, not bothering to hide his presence, though Kira didn’t even turn to look at him; Iguru reached out, ready to demand answers—

“She really is a beautiful ship,” Kira said.

Iguru stopped so suddenly he almost tripped, but he recovered and shoved his hands into his pockets to prevent him from doing something he might regret. He stomped to Kira’s side and harrumphed.

“You called her a mutt, if I remember.”

“That doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful.”

“She gets the job done.”

“I imagine she does. I’m sure the Earth Interstellar Forces are quite upset you stole a ship to use as her base.”

Kira gently swept a hand over the ship’s hull. Iguru tried not to inspect for fingerprints.

“I imagine they are.”

Investigator Rog, in particular, had been attempting to get his hands back on this ship for quite some time.

“How does she fly?”


“No,” Kira shot him a small smile, “I mean, how does she fly?”

“I thought you were an expert on aeronautics?”

“I’m not talking about technical specs. I’m talking about flying. What’s it like?”

Iguru stared at him blankly. Kira stepped closer to The Naked Rose and Iguru jolted forward, as if to protect his ship. Kira pretended not to notice and slowly rested against the hull.

“What’s it like, to fall away from the world?”

Iguru crossed his arms and stubbornly stayed where he was. Kira closed his eye. The red one remained open, an unblinking robotic shell.

“Tell me?”

Iguru resisted the urge to just toss him in the ship and tell him to experience it for himself. He moved closer to Kira, all to protect his ship of course, and flicked off an imaginary piece of lint. Kira laughed and Iguru made the mistake of looking at him. He was pressed up against the ship, like a model posing with the newest hovercraft, hair askew and smile in place. He did a lot of smiling. No one smiled at Iguru. It was almost suspicious. Iguru harrumphed and leaned against the ship, looking up at the name he himself had inscribed in her side.

“Liftoff is like being struck with a wave.”

Kira hummed indistinctly, eye still shut, mouth open just slightly. His ear was pressed against the hull as if he was trying to hear the roar of the wave, the roar of the liftoff.

“When you leave orbit, it’s like being pulled out to sea.”

“Drifting among the stars.”

Iguru nodded and his throat felt unexpectedly tight, “Then you hit light-speed, and everything is whiteness and darkness, and you can barely see and your skin stings like you’re being pelted by a bad rainstorm. Then, suddenly, everything stops and it’s like you’ve found your very own rainbow.”

“The stars are yours.”

“They are.”


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