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New 'Heart of Wires' Excerpt

Posted by Kaylim on August 3, 2014 at 11:05 AM

Because I fail at camp nano, here's a little excerpt to make up for it. Basically: Lynne may pilot the ship, but we all know who really drives it. 



They speed away from the mysterious planet and Myrha assumes they’re safe because they don’t encounter trouble for a few hours. Which is sort of disappointing, seeing as they need to find trouble.

“Okay, I got it: where is the last place a starline shuttle would want to dock?”

“There are several possibilities," Lynne answers.

“Well, pick the one that doesn’t care about docking certificates and licenses.”

“I will now take a moment to mention that a rise in crime rates is directly correlated to how unregulated a dock is.”

“Well lucky for us, we’re poor. Who’d steal from us?”

Myrha props her heels on the dashboard and points valiantly into some random space on the view screen.

“Take us forward!”

Lynne sighs, but Myrha knows she’s smiling on the inside.

Categories: Heart of Wires, Sneak-peeks, "Crazy" Universe Novellas

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