Kaylim                       the header is dark and empty like my future 
                                                                                                                               just kidding I actaully gave up on branding *shrug* 

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Books are available from several sellers:
-Smashwords in a variety of formats (such as pdf, epub, kindle, rtf and so on) 
-Barnes and Noble for nook
-Amazon for kindle

A note about amazon: my books are priced as free on smashwords and all other retailers except for amazon. Amazon will not let me set the price to free, however they usually price match my books to match the smashwords price. Therefore, you should be able to get the books for zero cost on amazon. If that does not happen for you, you can visit one of the other retailers and download the book for free there. 
"This Crazy Universe" Novellas
Here lies the series of novellas belonging in the "Crazy Universe". These follow the crazy space adventures of Lynne and Myrha as they navigate the stars and the relationship between human and machine. The first in the series is "This Crazy Infection". 

This Crazy Infection

Myhra wins a poetry contest for a free vacation to Lieval: a world supposedly made of beaches, babes and barbecue. But when guests start disappearing, it quickly turns into a world of mayhem, mystery and muscle-munching zombies!

When Places Call


One mistake cost Iguru his career, his pride and his very identity. Now an outlaw, he's after one thing: to reclaim it all, even if he has to change history itself. There's just one thing standing in his way: a beautiful blond who holds the keys to the past in his hands. 

Heart of Wires - Coming God Only Knows When

Myrha and Lynne have escaped Lieval, but quickly find themselves wanted for crimes they did not commit. As they outrun the law and outsmart pirates, they face their greatest challenge of all: surviving each other.

Stand-alone Novellas


Far in the future, Ajita lives in a steel-cold institution called School, where the humanity of Students is all but erased. While her thoughts remain trapped during the day, at night Ajita experiences strange and wondrous visions. Can her dreams of the past help save mankind's future?

Note: the Young Adult version of this story is available on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. The explicit version of this story is at amazon.